La Famille Music

Everlasting Love

I remember the day I first heard these words.

It was at a rehearsal for our Saved to Serve Concert in 2019.

When Enid picked the guitar and played it for us the first time, we were not just listening to a song, we were listening to the heart of a boy talking to his Friend.

It kinda felt like something King David would have sang if he’d met Jesus in the flesh. I’m not too sure what requirements must be fulfilled for a song to be called a psalm, but this certainly felt like one.

It was a song of pursuit; telling of a love that refuses to relent. Ever.

The prodigal son; Mary-Magdalene, the prostitute; the woman caught in adultery; Saul the persecutor…

I find it amazing that some of the most passionate lovers of Jesus throughout history wanted nothing to do with Him at some point. In much the same way, some of His greatest lovers tomorrow are people who cannot stand Him today. But just as He has pursued before, He will continue to pursue us today..

That’s everlasting love: no wait is too long, no distance too far, no height too high, and no depth too low.

I’d sing it for you, but that is a torment reserved for those who can hear me when I’m in the shower.

I’ll do you one better:

We’ve recreated that initial moment. The heart is the same… the spirit of the song still rings true:

It’s a bride to her Groom, a son to his Father, a church to her Lord.

I’d like to introduce you to the La Famille’s second Single Release, Everlasting Love. off our upcoming album, Love on the Vine. It’s pure Love in worship, and we’d like you to join us

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