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La Famille Music has been the musical light of Christ for Youth International (CYI) since its inception. Up until two years ago, La Famille Music was a part of La Famille, the main choir for CYI, before deciding to go commercial. The group started in 2018 and released their first album, Light & Love, in April 2019. Later that year, they started preparations for their second album, Love On The Vine, which was released in August 2020.

A lot of people refer to us as a choir but we consider ourselves a family that sings. That is how the name La Famille was created. We strongly believe that God didn’t want man to be alone so He created families.

Many reviews from our first album suggested that our songs had a ‘Hillsong vibe’; honestly, we don’t intend to sound western (although Hillsong is Australian… LOL). Usually, the inspiration drawn for our songs determines the genre and influences the song’s structure.

We have been asked by many what inspires us and the answer we always give is “anything and everything”. We can get our inspiration from CYI’s
camps, at our rehearsals, during our quiet times, or prayer meetings, to name a few.

Our music is usually written by collective efforts, that is, within La Famille Music, La Famille as a whole, or the genral CYI body outside La Famille.

Interestingly, we have been around. All-over. Our two major projects propelled us to have a social media presence on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tik-Tok and soon to be on Twitter. We have also done some radio interviews and ministered at a number of Christian concerts which served as an opportunity to spread our music further.

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